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Discover the vital importance of Touch  to everyone!

Over thirty years ago, Denny Johnson wrote “Touch Starvation in America – A Call to Arms!”  In his remarkable book, “What the Eye Reveals”, Denny found that one particular processing style starved in this country.  Many people in the US and even more so in the world processed life, not by what they saw and thought about, not by what they heard and felt emotionally, but more by what their body physically felt. 

  • Touch is their food, just like art and music feed those of visual and auditory processing styles.  Kinesthetic people starved without touch.
  • Kinesthetic is the world’s most dominant hidden language and the most misunderstood in the United States.  Close to 80% of the world’s population, use the kinesthetic hidden language.
  •  Understanding that communication style, especially in relation to your own hidden language is a key for greater peace individually and collectively.  
  • Respect is vital to the kinesthetic hidden language.  What is respect to you?
  • The Kinesthetic hidden language is often diagnosed as Attention Deficit Order (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
  • Unfortunately, the medical community not understanding the blessing this hidden language style offers, prescribes drugs to modify the perfectly normal behaviors of people with this processing style. Or the Kinesthetic person not being understood self-medicates with alcohol, sugar or other drugs to alter their moods.  

    Knowing yourself, from your view, from the eyes of others and from your eye pattern type, gives you a very complete understanding of your communication style.  Learning to effectively navigate in a very visual society is vital for this hidden language in particular.  Knowing your hidden language; and understanding other hidden languages assures you greater effectiveness. Ask your immediate family and friends to complete the questionnaire for your communication style to begin.  Consider asking people that are friends and business associates, in separate profiles. Tell them you will comment on their profile should they want to know more about themselves.   The Free Hidden Language Profile is located at

Aretha Franklin sang about RESPECT.  RESPECT is vital to the kinesthetic hidden language and unfortunately, the other languages do not understand the definition of RESPECT, let alone be able to demonstrate it.  Additionally, demonstrations of RESPECT differ between generations and certainly between different cultures of kinesthetic language people.  These Kinesthetic people starve by the lessening of touch in our society.   Now, instead of reporting a disaster of starvation, we utter a simple, respectful plea, Touch, Please!

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